Lie To Me Drama Ep 11|korean drama

9 Jun

Lie To Me Drama Ep 11 – korean drama Synopsis
A group of executives who sit in front of KJ, shows the attitude seemed nervous, awkward and scared. KJ act impressed screaming with frustration to them. KJ asked them if Resort Gold are a few toys they can play with, and throw them in an angry statement.

After the executive left the room, KJ little long sigh and reached for his cell. YJ contact him, but KJ hesitated a moment and then decided to answer the call YJ.

Here KJ asked to eat lunch together, but declined the offer lunch KJ them. Confused and annoyed look on his face KJ.

For the second time that KJ got a call again, it was a phone call from YJ again. But what is done by KJ? KJ just stay and continue to see the phone when the door opened and smiled YJ walked to the phone to his ear.

After that his second run out to the lobby. YJ attempting to link arms with KJ, KJ’s arm but he’s moving away. Feeling playful, YJ closely links his arm in KJ as KJ and try to move the arm away from YJ, he looked up and suddenly stopped and stood still. YJ see KJ and wondered why her expression suddenly changed.

Lie To Me Drama Ep 11 – korean drama

Lie To Me Drama Ep 11 – korean drama

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